Sunday, February 14, 2010

Researching Tax Questions

Sometimes readers of this blog have questions regarding items discussed in the blog.  Obviously this blog cannot cover the waterfront, so it won't answer all questions related to a subject discussed.  In that case, you would need to do further research.  A lot of your questions may be answered by looking at IRS publications which are available at  Also, if you are near a large public library, you could take a look at the CCH publications. 

If you need professional assistance, there are CPAs and other tax professionals available almost anywhere you may live.  If you need personal assistance, CPAs, including myself, charge for their services.  Unfortunately the tax laws are so complicated that the majority of the population has to pay someone to prepare their returns.

In the past, I've had people e-mail me with questions and I've sometimes responded, and some people have continued with a whole series of questions which I just don't have the time to research and respond.  If someone submits a question of general interest, I will try to cover it in a future blog, but I may not address all such questions.

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