Monday, October 13, 2008

Electronic Filing

Usually the only time I file a return electronically is when the taxpayer has a refund coming, but the other day I finally decided to do it with a balance-due return. It was a multi-page return that would not fit into a regular envelope and it was near the deadline for extensions.

I suggested filing it electronically since it would, when accepted, be proof that it was filed on time and avoid the risk of it being lost in the mail. Also, it could be paid by mailing in a voucher which would only require postage for one ounce.

I also saved me the trouble of printing copies for both the IRS and the taxpayer.

I am just now beginning to trust electronic filing although I've been doing it for years. Several years ago, the IRS would sometimes mistakenly reject valid returns when filed electronically. It did not happen frequently, but even once or twice a year is too much.

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