Thursday, February 8, 2007

Are you missing the point(s) ?

If you bought a new house in 2006, you may be overlooking some tax deductions.
Take a look at your settlement statement (HUD Form).

Lines 801 and 802, Entitled Loan Origination Fee and Loan Discount - These are points charged to either the buyer or the seller - or both. The buyer can deduct these charges as interest on Line 11 or 12 of Schedule A (itemized deductions). Even the seller-paid points are deductible by the buyer, since, theoretically, the seller has priced the house high enough to cover these expenses.

However, you should check your Form 1098 to see if the Mortgage company lists the points. If it does show them, then the points go on line 11 and you don't get to deduct the same amount twice.
If the Form 1098 does NOT list the points, then you should enter them on line 12 of Schedule A.

Some other items listed on the settlement statement that are deductible by the buyer:

  • line 106 and 107 Taxes charged to the buyer to reimburse the seller for prepaid taxes
  • Line 901 Interest in buyer column. (not deductible if reported on Form 1098)

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