Saturday, December 30, 2006


As of the close of trading for 2006, here are some of the top-performers among Exchange Traded funds. Most are funds invested in Asian and European stocks. One top-performer not listed is EEB, a Fund having investments in Brazil, Russia , India and China--probably omitted from the source of my list since it is relatively new.

This is by no means a recommendation to buy. They may continue outperforming or they may be ready to top out, then decline. If you do risk any funds in these, you probably need to have an exit strategy if they begin to nose-dive. They are a lot more volitle than the DJIA.

FXI ---Xinhua China 25
EWO--- Austria
PGJ ----Golden Dragon
EPP---- Pacific ex Japan
EWS--- SingaporeEWZ--- Brazil
EFA---- Europe Australia, Far East
EWG ---Germany
EWH--- Hong Kong
EWJ---- Japan
EEM---- Emerging Markets

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Ulli Niemann said...

Yes, these have been great performers. However, it is important to note that they're also simply a leveraged play on the U.S. market.

That became evident during the sharp market pullback during May and June 2006. After our Trend Tracking (TTI) Index for domestic equities had signaled a "Sell," all of these funds followed the domestic market down in an accelerated fashion. That's why it pays to always have an exit strategy.


taxxcpa said...

I agree with the absolute necessity of an exit strategy. Otherwise the ride down can be a steep decline and, they could be like QQQ after the big crash, dropping from 100 to 20 or so and still nowhere near recovering.