Saturday, December 30, 2006


HERE IS A NEW BLOG THAT I LOOK FORWARD TO READING (and making a few bucks by his advice)
Quoted below is an email I received from the author of the new blog.
For several months, I have been subscribing to his weekly updates. See Links below. .

THE NO LOAD MUTUAL FUND TRACKER Update for Friday, December 29, 2006 To unsubscribe, please see the bottom of this page!--------------------------------------------------------------------------***NEW*** INTERESTED IN MY NOT ALWAYS POLITICALLY CORRECT RUMINATIONS ABOUT THE MARRKET? I have set up a blog to blow off steam when something stupid(or brilliant) catches my eye. You can post comments and voiceyour opinion uncensored. Take a look: This week's hot topics include "Watch out for the Media", "AreETFs better than Mutual Funds?", Should Financial ServicesProfessionals be compensated via Commission?" and "Are 3 and5-year Mutual Fund Performance Data of Value?" This is another free service, so spread the word to yourfriends.
THE LINK TO OUR CURRENT MUTUAL FUND STATSHEET IS: This StatSheet is updated through Thursday, December 28, 2006.The next scheduled update will be Thursday, January 4, 2007. Back issues of the Fund Tracker are available on the web at:
Friday, December 29, 2006 BULLS IN CHARGE Despite the market slipping slightly during the last 2 tradingsession of 2006, the bulls remained in charge by starting theweek on a strong note. The first crossing ever of the 12,500level for the Dow pushed the other major indexes higher aswell. For the week, the Dow rose 0.98 percent, the S&P 500 added0.54 percent and the Nasdaq inched higher by 0.71 percent. 2006 was an interesting year, to say the least. After reachingrecord levels in the spring, the domestic markets pulled backsharply during May and June. A return to bear market territoryappeared to be a distinct possibility as subsequently allinternational and country indexes tanked big time. However, the trend reversed and set the stage for animpressive second half of the year rally. The main drivingforce was investor belief that the economy had reasonably wellsurvived the Fed's rate hikes and the spiraling oil prices.The dreaded "R" word (as in recession) gave way to acceptanceof a slowing economy along with a potentially soft landing. The prognosis is for this scenario to continue, although Iwon't hold my breath. While we are still 100% invested, I amcomfortable with our defensive market posture because of theconservative nature of our holdings. This should give us alittle bit of an edge when the next pullback occurs. As time goes on, I will make some adjustments to ourportfolios, especially in the sectors, to take advantage ofunique opportunities. Happy New Year! Ulli... Do you have a question regarding your mutual fund investments? I will always give you my unbiased and honest opinion. Howcan you be sure? First, this is a free newsletter and it will not affect myrenewal rates. Second, I am not running for office and do not have to hide mythoughts in evasive language designed to obscure what I reallymean. So, feel free to send your questions
All Reader Q & A's for this Buy Cycle are now listed at ourweb site! Check it out at:
A note from reader Les: Q: Ulli, thanks for the continually timely information on themarket. I was looking to open a position with Dodge & CoxInternational Stock DODFX. What do think? Is it a little latefor the foreign market? Please advise and thanks again. Happy holidays!
A: Les, that's a great fund and, as long as you use a sellstop discipline, I don't see any problem in taking a position. Our address is: 18685 A-Main Street #606 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Until next week. Ulli...
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