Friday, December 8, 2006


Dallas taxes don't seem to rise based on tax rate increases as much as they do on property valuations.

When I bought my lot, the assessed value was almost twice what I paid for the lot. I protested and got it reduced to the my cost. The next year I had a house built on it. Guess what? It was assessed at much more than I paid for the construction. Again I protested. The appraisal district argued but after I shot down all their arguments--and maybe to get rid of me, they reduced the tax again.

This year I thought I was fairly safe on tax increases. I had an over-65 tax freeze on my city tax and school tax. Also the governor's hightly touted tax reduction would keep my taxes down--or would it? The appraisers made sure it didn't. I didn't protest the appraisal and my taxes went up a little over $ 200.

I hold a mortgage on a house in Ellis County and collect an escrow for taxes and insurance. The tax on that house dropped a little, so I'll be able to reduce the escrow payment the home owner will have to pay me next year.