Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dallas CPA Toastmasters

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One of the best things I ever did was to join the Dallas CPA Toastmasters shortly after I moved to Dallas. I had taken the CPA test shortly before I moved from San Antonio to Dallas to take a new job. A little after moving, I received a letter from the State Board with CPA after my name on the envelope
I then attended an orientation program for new CPAs and one of the speakers was the President of the Dallas CPA Toastmasters.
I decided to join. I needed to get rid of fears of public speaking and I thought it would be better to shake, stammer and have my mind go blank at the Toastmasters club instead of when I had to make a speech or presentation at my new job.

I gave my ‘icebreaker’ speech somewhat nervously, but the ‘evaluator’ made it sound like I was another Demonthenes. So, from then on, I began to enjoy it. At the same time I was working on my MBA degree at night, but I always felt that Toastmasters did me more good than the MBA. It was a big confidence booster. I continued, going on to becoming Club President, Assistant Area Governor, Area Governor and District Lt. Governor. I began to suspect that I might even have political abilities. Many years later I actually took a stab at politics and ran against an incumbent county officer. I got my party’s nomination, but only got 48% of the votes. In retrospect, I believe I’m glad I lost. I really don’t think politics is my cup of tea.

The Dallas CPA Toastmasters later changed its name in order to attract more members and non-CPAs.

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